Recovering Alcoholics: Four Ways That the Big Book Helps

Now that you are in recovery for your alcoholism, you attend several 12-step meetings per week. Those meetings are based on The Big Book. There are four ways that the Big Book helps you stay strong.

4 Types of Books that Can Help Recovery

Books that don’t appear to be about addiction can still be very helpful in recovery. Check out the following book types to strengthen your recovery foundation.

Addiction Recovery: Five Reasons You Should Continue Attending Meetings

Hear the story of others: Listening to other addicts talk about their histories and how they came to be addicted will remind you that you are not alone and there are others in your shoes.  Focus on each person’s account and think about how it is similar or different than yours.

Turning To Your Spiritual Advisor

Detox helped you get ready for rehab and then rehab helped you get ready for life. Now you are in recovery and out of rehab, but sometimes you could really use someone to mentor you along the way. A spiritual advisor might give you what you need. Some of the benefits might be:

Meditation and Recovery, A Winning Combination

From a personal standpoint, your recovery from drug use has been very positive, but you also know how much damage your addiction inflicted. The stress of this knowledge might feel overwhelming and threaten your sobriety. Meditation can help you mentally relax enough to process your past.

Addiction Self-Help Books: How do I choose the best ones to read?

Walk into any bookstore and you will see shelves and shelves of self-help books, many of them on addiction. The choices can be overwhelming, but you know you want to dig further into recovery and learn all that you can, so there you stand, staring at rows of books. There are things you can do […]

Is There Sobriety in Your Family? Who’s Tackled a Drug or Alcohol Problem?

When thinking about resources that will help you maintain your sobriety, you have probably never thought much about your family. If you used to get high with your cousin, or your siblings are still getting high, you obviously want to stay away from them, but what about the others? Your parents will probably be able […]

Do Online 12-Step Rehab Meetings Work?

While in-person rehab meetings will enable you to meet local people who are also in recovery, sometimes getting to these meetings is impossible. The Internet can provide an alternative way to connect with others. There are around-the-clock online Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings all week long, from all around the world. Some reasons for […]

Can Church or Temple Help With Recovery?

Meetings are often centered on trusting a higher power, whatever that higher power is to you. If your higher power is part of a religious institution such as a church, temple or synagogue, it can be a valuable resource during your recovery.

Is the Public Library a Good Addiction Resource?

Part of getting clean and sober is becoming informed about your addiction. Whether you went to rehab, quit cold turkey or attend AA/NA meetings every day of the week, you can always learn more about addiction and recovery. Knowing how to utilize the library makes it easy to find what you need.

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